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Here an explanation in bureaucratic:

A renewable energy community is an autonomous legal entity (association, cooperative, Ltd., etc.) made up of a group of citizens, businesses, industries, SMEs, third sector entities and public administrations that produce and share energy from renewable sources with each other, generating economic, environmental and social benefits.

But we’d rather tell you that

A renewable energy community is an innovative model that allows individuals, companies and public authorities to:

  1. Reduce their environmental impact, by consuming renewable energy
  2. Save on energy bills
  3. Reduce the payback time of their investment in solar PV panels, by up to half, fino a dimezzarli

How does it work?

Take, for example, Marco’s story

Marco produces renewable energy

thanks to the solar PV panels he has on the roof of his company. But he produces more energy than he consumes.

He shares his energy surplus

thanks to energy communities. Marco can now share the renewable energy he does not consume with his neighbours.

Everyone gets an economic incentive

when one of the members of the community consumes energy while Marco has a surplus.

Joining an energy community requires neither changing one’s supplier

nor ‘connecting’ Marco to his neighbours with a cable. What’s more, the energy community is constantly evolving.

Giulia also shares her excess energy

Giulia recently installed solar PV panels on the roof of her house. Now, like Marco, she shares her energy surplus.

Produce, consume and share
renewable energy.
Enter an energy community.

Find out your role within the energy community


Do you have panels, or want to install them, and want to share your energy surplus?


Do you want to consume locally produced renewable energy while saving money?

CER Manager

Do you want to run a renewable energy community?

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