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For everyone.

Enco is a 3.0 start-up with a clear mission: to give people back control over their own energy, 100% renewable of course.

Enco has a clear vision: a world where everyone benefits from the environmental, social and economic advantages of an energy community.

A fundamental step towards a zero-emission economy, more people-centred than profit-centred.

With Enco you are the center of a sustainable and fair change.

Because we equip citizens with the necessary tools to produce renewbale energy on the roof of their homes, and share it with their neighbours. Creating energy communities in a simple and transparent way we invest in the development of a sustainable economy.

Our Team

Tommaso Tiozzo Bastianello

CEO & Co-founder

Duccio Baldi

COO & Co-founder

Amira Di Costanzo

CMO & Dream Dealer

Stefano Ravagnan

CTO & Magician

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