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It’s easy

You can switch to renewables in 3 steps.
(Seriously, becoming an eco-hero
has never been so easy)

Let’s start with the analysis

Write to us, call us, come and knock on our door. During the early stages we listen to your goals and needs.

Then, we install the solar PV panels

After you have chosen the scenario you like the most, let’s take action. Our partner Otovo will take care of everything, from the quote to the installation. Find how much you can save in less than a minute.

We take care of the maintenance

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone. Once the solar PV panels are installed, our partner Otovo guarantees them for 10 years.

Poi, lo studio
di fattibilità

Una volta capito di cosa hai bisogno, analizziamo tutte le informazioni e ti proponiamo tutti gli scenari a tua disposizione.

It pays off

Thanks to solar PV panels you can produce your own energy.

When you produce energy, it is immediately consumed to cover your energy needs, saving you money on your energy bill.

And when it’s not enough? Don’t worry, the electricity grid covers the missing part.

It pays off for everyone

If you produce more energy than you need, you generate a surplus of energy. This surplus can be stored in a battery and use later.

Otherwise, you sell it to the national grid and get a financial refund for the amount of energy fed in.

With Enco’s help, the surplus is fed into the grid and shared with your community peers, generating an economic incentive.

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