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It’s easy

(As easy as humming that song playing on the radio this morning.
Without realising it you are there nannannarana 🎵)

Let’s start with the analysis

Write to us, call us, come and knock on our door. During the early stages we listen to your goals and needs.

Then, the feasibility study

Once we understand what you need, we analyse all the information and propose to you all the scenarios available.

We create Energy Community

We take care of the bureaucratic process, you don’t worry about anything.

We manage your Energy Community

Enco takes care of it.

You will receive a monthly report on the progress of your community, and you will find the incentive generated directly in your account.

Together, for your energy efficiency

We want to make you the protagonist of your energy. In the report you will find tips on how to consume better, and maximise the benefits.

We are here to support you in every small step.

By joining an energy community, you can

Reduce your environmental impact

Your direct contribution to making the national electricity grid more sustainable through the use of renewable sources

Change the way you live energy

In an energy community, you are financially rewarded for consuming renewable energy

Contribute to reducing energy poverty

Surplus energy can be made available to those who need it most, promoting social inclusion

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