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Produce, consume and share renewable energy.
Enter an energy community.

An innovative model that allows individuals, companies and public administrations to:

its carbon footprint

By consuming 100% renewable energy produced a few steps from home

Save money
on energy bills

By doing good for our planet and those around us

the payback time

Investing in renewable energy has never been easier

With Enco you can

Do lots of good things, but mainly:

• Get a feasibility study

• Install solar PV systems and batteries

• Create an Energy Community in a few clicks

• Easily manage your Energy Community via app

Why Enco?

Because you enter an energy community at no cost

We believe that energy communities should be accessible, to all

You can choose the solution that suits you best

We develop tailor-made solutions, to make you feel comfortable

Become a next door

You can invest part of the economic incentive generated by your energy community in projects next door

Enco works with

Install a solar PV panel and create your own energy community

Find out how much you can reduce your impact on the environment, by saving on your energy bills.

Are you familiar with renewable energy communities?

A new system for sharing energy between neighbours.

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Tell us about your needs, and let’s figure out the next steps together.

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